Recruiting companies at their core are there to help their clients achieve their goals for college or employment.


A recruiting company should be focused on placing their client with the best college or employer based on the specific, unique goals of each client.  However, often recruiters have so many clients and/or don’t approach the recruiting process holistically and as such end up with some clients not finding a job or not being recruited to participate in a sport in college.  How can you avoid the recruitment pitfalls?


  1. Interview the recruitment company
    • Meet with the company and determine their approach; are they hands-on meaning they meet with you regularly to establish an action plan for success or do they merely point you to several websites full of tons of material for you to review on your own.
  2. Review the recruitment company’s service package
    • Does the approach fit your values and goals and does the company have local representation so that you can meet face to face with your mentor/counselor.  It is important to establish personal connection with your recruiter so that you don’t just become a number in their program.
    • Does the package include services that will improve you as an overall person; like nutrition plans which will directly impact your performance in your sport.
  3. Review the credentials of those offering services
    • Determine the number of mentors and counselors on staff that have been through the recruiting process.  Those companies that employ former student athletes and coaches can often impart invaluable nuggets of direction and wisdom to ensure your success of being recruited