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The mission of Arise Athletes Foundation Incorporated (AAFI), a 501(c)(3) non-profit orgainzation, is to empower student-athletes to properly plan to succeed in school, sports, and life. We accomplish this mission by taking a holistic approach to address the needs of the college-bound student by focusing on educating parents, coaches, and student-athletes. This is done by connecting these groups with the appropriate resources and fostering the creation of a community geared towards supporting the student’s journey to college. Our vision is Every Student-Athlete Succeeds.

Who we Serve

Arise Athlete Foundation Inc. (AAFI) aims to partner with other not-for-profit organizations such as schools and sports clubs by offering our curriculum and services at no or minimal direct cost to student-athletes in the 7th-12th grade. We provide all students-athletes the equal opportunity to be educated and prepared with the college recruiting process to ensure that “No Student-Athlete is left behind.” Additionally, AAFI uses a proprietary Student-Athlete Management Application that engages parents, coaches, and mentors to work with student-athletes to create a community and network of support.

What we Do

AAFI utilizes education, technology, and sport-specific programming to create sustainable, transformative change in areas where student-athletes are lacking the appropriate guidance and resources to get to college, graduate, and succeed beyond college.

The mission of AAFI is to empower student-athletes to properly plan to succeed in school, sports, and life. AAFI has created a specialized curriculum designed to be personalized and fully comprehensive that will encourage student-athletes to discover their goals for college and beyond so they may find a college that is the best fit for them.

Support will include, but not be limited to the following:

    • Learning and Development Workshops
    • Career and Goal Setting 
    • Academic and Athletic Planning

How You Can Get Involved

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Volunteer Program

We are always looking for volunteers to support and drive the mission of AAFI. Please continue to check back here with updates for opportunities to volunteer with our growing orgainzation. 

Sponsor Program

We love our sponsors! If you or your company is interested in sponsoring a student athlete, sports club, or our next event, we want to hear from you! Please click here to be directly connected with our sponsorship team.

Charity Fund

AAFI Charity Fund primarily focuses on supporting student-athletes between the ages of 12 and 18 in their efforts to matriculate at a four-year college or university and compete in collegiate sports. AAFI supports youth and families from communities that span race, class, and culture.  

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How your donation helps Arise Athletes Foundation

Our organization relies on the donations of people like you to help continue to serve and support our community. Research shows that many student-athletes miss the opportunity to be recruited because Student-Athletes and their families cannot afford the cost of most college admissions services, with the cost for these services typically exceeding $2,000 per year, in addition to yearly sports club fees, tournament entry fees, and travel costs.

Helping Athletes All Over the Country

We help all student-athletes across the United States from all walks of life, backgrounds, and experiences. AAFI was established to create a positive foundation and tight-knit community, where student-athletes, parents, and coaches receive unparalleled access to resources and personalized support while navigating the college recruiting process. 

Ongoing Causes

AAFI partners with not-for-profit organizations such as schools and sports clubs so that our curriculum and services are offered at no or minimal direct cost to student-athletes and their families. This will give all students the equal opportunity to be educated on the recruiting process to ensure No Student-Athlete is left behind. Please see our ongoing causes below that help support and drive our mission.

Sponsor a Student-Athlete

We provide monthly, personalized services to student-athletes and their families as they navigate the recruiting process.   Financial support will enable student-athletes to receive these services at no cost.  Students are selected based on several factors including: Need, Desire and Dedication.  Contact us to learn more about sponsoring a student athlete.

Sponsor a Sports Club or a School

We are always looking to partner with new schools and clubs. We continue to drive our mission when we can impact as many student-athletes, coaches, and families. With your support to sponsor a sports club or school, AAFI can expand their reach and develop new relationships. Contact us to learn more about sponsoring a sports club or a school.                      

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News & Updates

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Putting the ‘Student’ in Student-Athlete

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